The Award is given to the employees of museums, theatres, libraries, film studios and other cultural institutions in the regions of Russia.

The Award was established by the Directorate of the Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum in 2015 as an incentive for workers of culture, representatives of non-creative professions.

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The name of Anatoly Lunacharsky underscores the main goal of the Prize, to pay attention to ordinary culture workers. Lunacharsky was the first People's Commissar of Education, statesman and writer, whose ambitious personality influenced in many ways the grandeur of cultural and humanitarian development projects started by the new Soviet government.

"It is quite significant, that it is for this category of culture workers that this Prize is intended. Each cultural event is made real by very concrete people, who are selflessly devoted to their work, who continue devoting their entire life to culture, education and enlightenment, often for a very modest salary. The Prize is increasingly more recognized year after year, and the number of nominations grows as well, so the selection process is quite complicated. Today we have the best people here," said Valentina Matvienko, Chairwoman of the Federation Council, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.