100 Slavic Novels

11:30 — 19:30

The book series “One Hundred Slavic Novels” published under the auspices of the Forum of Slavic Cultures is an international literary project to promote modern Slavic literature created after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Carefully selected for the project novels by authors of the FSC member states — Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia — fill the gaps of modern Slavic literature and breathe new life into it. The series includes more than 75 publications of 108 Slavic authors.

The Forum of Slavic Cultures and its partners pay special attention not only to the publication of new novels, but also to the establishment of strong ties between authors, translators, members of the professional community and readers. Through the exhibition “One Hundred Slavic Novels”, which will feature autographs and photographs, viewers will be able to get acquainted with the best contemporary writers of the Slavic countries.