A piano recital of Yulia Stadler in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the lifting of Leningrad Blockade. Premieres: S. Rachmaninoff and A. Siloti, B. Golts

19:00 — 20:30
Sheremetev Palace: Museum of Music 34 Fontanka River emb., St. Petersburg

B. Golts was a talented Leningrad composer who died young during the first winter of the blockade. This was why he was hardly known to the general public. His music heritage includes pieces of chamber music, romance songs, and the soundtrack for a theatre play and a film. Studied piano performance under Professor L. Nikolaev, M. Yudin and D. Shostakovich. And while Shostakovich was a son-in-music of M. Steinberg in composition, Golts is his great-grandchild-in-music. Since the beginning of the war created 20 war-themed songs. His “Twenty Four Preludes” cycle was composed during his first and second year at the Conservatory.

The great S. Rachmaninoff, just like A. Siloti (his cousin and teacher) provided much assistance to Leningrad during the war. He even financed construction of a military plane. “From one of the Russians – my contribution to the fight against the enemy. I want to believe and am confident that we will win.” The discovery of the “Exercise in Vocalization,” a renowned and significant piece by Rachmaninoff in the Russian transciption by Siloti, is an important event for the world music community.