Active heritage: 225 years of the Benois family in Russia

16:00 — 18:00
Architect's House, Bronze hall 52 Bolshaya Morskaya st., St. Petersburg

The Project is aimed at promoting and supporting the preservation of cultural heritage, increasing their role in society, awareness of the importance of studying cultural heritage in General, as well as the importance of implementing the principles of scientific restoration and an integrated approach to the revitalization and use of monuments. The discussion focused on examples, projects and problems of preservation and adaptation of monuments, integration of historical heritage into modern socio-cultural and educational practices. The project includes presentations presenting both successful practices and projects or problematic situations related to heritage preservation. The focus is on the legacy of the Benois architectural and artistic dynasty, which marks 225 years in 2019 since the family's founder, Louis-Jules Benois, moved from France to Russia.

Key theme:  

  • "Benois family heritage" — the history, role and place of works created by members of the Benois family in modern society;
  • "Heritage and innovation" — search for new forms of integration and promotion of heritage sites. 

The objectives of the event include the presentation of the concept of revival of the architectural and landscape complex "Villa Benois in Peterhof".