Annual Meeting of Directors of Federal and Central Regional Libraries of Russia “Future of Libraries in Digital Economy”

10:00 — 17:30
National Library of Russia: Main Building 18 Sadovaya st., St. Petersburg

Topic of the Meeting: “Future of Libraries in Conditions of Digital Economy”. 

The discussion will focus on the role of libraries as factors of innovative development in conditions of the digital state, implementation of Culture National project, issues of forming library development strategies, and many other issues. Heads of federal and central regional libraries of all constituent regions of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, heads of culture affairs offices in constituent regions of the Russian Federation were invited to take part in the event.

The following topics have been proposed for discussion:

  • Libraries in the ecosystem of digital economy;
  • Role of libraries in forming communities of knowledge;
  • Informatization as part of the project of creating model libraries;
  • Quality of library services as a life quality factor;
  • Role of libraries in shaping digital culture of the general public;
  • On developing the Concept of Library Sector Development in Russia;
  • Remarkable books in the National Electronic Library;
  • Information security of library users;
  • Libraries in Culture National Project.

To enter, please register before 05.11.2018 at the website of the Russian National Library. After 05.11.2017, send an email to, or call +7 (812) 310-70-77.