Show case

Anything That Comes to Life

12:00 — 12:20
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Augmented reality, or AR, unlike other immersive technologies (e.g. virtual reality), does not require special equipment (helmets) and does not become a substitute for the surroundings but shows its interpretation of the existing environment. With most modern smartphones, the user interacts with technology and re-inhabits the context of the area in which he lives, transforming it.

During the Show case from IMMERSE Lab, Maria Lopukhina (IMMERSE Lab account and New Business producer) and Anna Kiskina (producer of the project implemented by IMMERSE Lab and winning Augie Awards-2022) will reveal practical knowledge of the team about the benefits of technology, features of storytelling in AR, and will explain what should stand behind a good AR-product except technology. Together with the audience, we will look into how the expertise of task forces must build up as the immersive technology industry develops. We will consider global trends, such as sustainability and inclusivity, which are already shaping themselves as distinguishing characteristics of augmented reality.