As It Was on the Fontanka River

11:00 — 19:00

“As It Happened on the River of Fontanka” International Folklore Festival is a unique innovative educational project that seeks to support, develop and promote the art of folk songs, that combines instruction, practice, and demonstration of best creative achievements in folklore. This festival and competition seeks to achieve a strategic goal of developing intercultural dialogue.

The goals of the festival are to promote and develop the best traditions in national song culture; to develop the system of education in arts; to introduce innovative technologies in the learning process; to strengthen and optimize the system of education and guidance in art and aesthetics for the benefit of the new generation; to find and provide support to talented youth of secondary educational establishments in the sphere of culture and art; to foster exchange of creative, professional and educational experience.

The Festival program will include:

  • A competition of folklore songs entitled “As It Happened on the River of Fontanka”;
  • “Folk Songs: Traditions and Modernity” Research and Practice Seminar;
  • Workshops offered by leading Russian and international artists;
  • A gala concert of winner of the “As It Happened on the River of Fontanka” Competition.