Biennale Effects: Significance for the City and International Cultural Exchange

10:00 — 12:00
Manege Central Exhibition Hall 1 St. Isaac's sq., St. Petersburg

The format of biennale as the systematic international art forum first appeared in the late XIX century in Venice. In the XX century the number of regularly held international biennale events increased drastically: at present the Biennale Foundation global online platform has more than 300 art events of this format registered across the world.

Together with managers of leading international biennale events which have been held for more than ten years outside capital regions, we will discuss the experience of creating and promoting modern art biennale events; talk about the role global forums can give to host cities and regions; touch upon key organizational issues, such as receiving financing, choosing curator and topic, harmonizing the number of local and international projects inside biennale events and many other topics.

The discussion will be particularly appropriate in the context of Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum. Saint Petersburg has no own biennale, but the city's ambition is to become the center of not only classical but modern art as well. Together with event speakers we will discuss the problem of whether Saint Petersburg needs a modern art biennale and what specific character might the Saint Petersburg event have.