Round Table Discussion

City to the Museum, Museum to the City

14:00 — 15:30
General Staff Building, Atrium 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

Can you have a city without a museum? Advantages and disadvantages of cities as museums (using the example of St. Petersburg). What place do museums occupy in the city’s cultural life? Is the maintenance of museums justified?  Who do they even work for in the first place - for citizens or for tourists? Museums as employers, part of the city economy, tourist attractions, and an incentive for the development of small businesses. Is it possible to quantify the contribution of museums to the development of the city, and if so, how? Museums as city-shaping enterprises. Museums as keepers and guides of the history of the city. The influence of a museum’s global activities on the city’s world-image.


Key participants: 

  • Kalujin Sergey, Deputy Director for Science and Development of the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg (Russia);
  • Piotrovsky Mikhail, Director of the State Hermitage Museum (Russia);
  • Schmidt Eike, Director of Uffizi Gallery (Italy);
  • Broers Katheljine, Director of the Hermitage Amsterdam Museum (Netherlands);
  • Bai Yuntao, deputy director of the National Museum of China (China);
  • Sholokhov Piotr, Head of the Exhibition and Educational Department of the "Sholokhov Center", State Museum-Reserve M.A. Sholokhov (Russia);
  • Cecconi Maurizzio, General Secretary of Hermitage Italia, CEO of Villaggio Globale International (Italy).