Opening of the Exhibition

“Coast of Dreams”. Project of the Likhachev Foundation “Crimea’s Southern Coast: World Heritage Territory”

General Staff Building 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

Event is held in cooperation with Cultural Heritage Preservation Section.

Crimea’s South Coast, from Foros to Alushta, is a narrow stretch of the park along the sea coast, with many architectural, historical, cultural, archeological and natural monuments.  The exhibition consists of 35 photos, representing different kinds of heritage of Crimea’s South Coast, and 15 photos of “heritage keepers”: historians, museum workers, landscape architects, wine-makers, who dedicated their lives to studying and preserving Crimea’s South Coast heritage.

The heroes of the exhibition include life-long residents of the Crimea. Their portraits were taken by Brigitte Lacombe. Yuri Molodkevets, photographer of the State Hermitage Museum, created a gallery of landscapes, which illustrates both the heritage of the South Coast of the Crimea, and the life and work of the heroes of the photo exhibition. Marian Lacombe created interviews with the heroes of the exhibition that are included in exhibition. The photo exhibition was prepared in the spring of 2018 as part of the program “Crimea’s Southern Coast: Territory of World Heritage”.