Comics: Art Number Nine

20:00 — 21:30

Dissemination of mass culture, globalization and urbanization have led to the appearance of new forms of creative self-expression. As a consequence, we see the emergence of an independent, ninth type of art — at the intersection of literature and art.

The new art combines various plot elements, a large number of characters, and artistic means of expression, which allows to consider comics as a type of literature. Meanwhile, the visual component of comics with their unique graphic style and an unconventional manner of execution allows to find comics also a kind of visual art. Thus, combining the literary and artistic components, comics become an independent and unique type of art, a product of a new era.

In what sense, in addition to combining text and images, are comics peculiar and special? In what sense are comics different from fiction? What advantages do comics have before other literary works?

Why, despite the acceptance by literary experts, do we often hear the opinion that comics and graphic novels are not art? Why are comics still viewed as simplistic stories in drawings for teenagers, although the new art has been represented in various genres? How has the industry of comics changed, and what future awaits it?