Conference of the Association of National Theaters

11:00 — 12:45

The theater is of particular importance as a way of national self-identification, the preservation of the national language and traditions. When the national cinema is created, but exists in a separate niche, and there is national literature, which is not, however, widely translated, these functions are assumed by the theater. Today the overall situation of numerous, unique national theaters in Russia requires a serious approach. They obviously need help and support. That is why the establishment of the Association is an urgent need, emphasized by the huge interest of more than 30 national theaters in Russia. It is not the first time that the issue of creating an organization focused on the development and activities of national theaters in Russia, and, most importantly, capable of providing serious professional assistance, has arisen. In particular, this issue became prominent already at the 2019 International Theater Olympiad in Saint Petersburg, where a special program of Russian national theaters was presented.

The Alexandrinsky Theater assumed the central role in organizing a constructive dialogue between the representatives of national theaters. Within the framework of the International Cultural Forum, for the first time in an offline format, the heads of more than thirty national theaters of the country will meet. A prominent result of the conference of the Association of National Theaters will be the signing of a Memorandum, which will formalize the main directions of the Association's work in the near future.