Contemporary Art and Elders: Together or Each on its Own?

15:40 — 17:00
Estrada Theatre "Yantar-Hall", Onix Conference Hall Lenina st., 11, Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad Oblast

Increasingly, museums are striving to make the older generation full-fledged participants in cultural life. In order for older people not to feel excluded from social and public life, cultural institutions develop special projects and programs for mutual active communication of the age group of visitors, acquiring new skills and knowledge.

How can a museum find support among the elderly? How to make them regular participants in museum events? How to tell silver age people about contemporary art and modern cultural phenomena?

Please note that the time of the event is local.

Broadcast start time: April 23 at 15:40 (Svetlogorsk) / 16:40 (MSK).