Cultural Space and Boundaries of Accessibility

10:00 — 11:30
Culture and Society
General Staff Building, Lecture room 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

The present discussion seeks not only to discuss again the definite social significance and the related advantages of the inclusive approach to the work of cultural, social, commercial and other institutions, but also to provide an honest answer to the question: What are the difficulties that emerge between the beautiful theory and the real practice within the framework of our current reality?

The participants of the discussion will talk about the things that inclusion brings into the life of institutions and spaces right at this moment. The participants will discuss the results that they plan to achieve, the problems they need to solve and the changes in the work of museums, art galleries, theatres, creative workshops and commercial organizations in the near future. The speakers will be offered to discuss the existing problems and hidden aspects of the current inclusive practices, which have their limitations, shortcomings, and, perhaps, some false interpretations.