Panel Discussion

Cultural Values for Us and the Future

14:00 — 15:30
Culture and Society
General Staff Building, Blue hall 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

Specialists and people of other vocations come to museums, study works of art, architecture and literature to address very different needs: to enjoy, study, preserve, transform, commercialize something, etc. What sort of a “public contract” on accessibility of those resources is necessary, and how do we protect the relevant rights and guarantee authenticity of these items these days? What objectives and opportunities of using our heritage are better left for later in anticipation of future achievements of next generations?

Aspects of the topic:

  • Accessible environment, own and partner information resources, information transparency;
  • Economic transparency;
  • Legal aspects of using cultural heritage;
  • Stability and versatility of the main expositions;
  • Government order, state cultural policy and social demand in cultural organizations' activities.