Culture and Sports: the Use of Multipurpose Infrastructure for the Development of Country's Regions

12:15 — 13:45
Russian Museum of Ethnography, Marble Hall 4/1 Inzhenernaya st., St. Petersburg

The Olympic Games and other international sports competitions are a major event for the host country and attracts increased interest all over the World. At the same time, this is a unique opportunity for the development of host regions through the construction of new sports facilities and the modernization of public infrastructure. However, the preservation and effective use of the large-scale heritage left after the sporting events is often an expensive and time-consuming task. To solve it at the highest level, long-term concepts and projects are developed to facilitate the use of sports facilities, including the development of sports, culture and tourism in the regions. 

During the discussion, representatives of government officials, famous figures of culture and sports, will not only talk about how to make objects of sports heritage profitable and in demand, but will also reveal unique use cases to enchance national cultural opportunities of their application for the development of the national cultural property.