Dedication to Cosmonautics

Cross-Sectional Program
Multimedia Centre of the Russian Museum 8 Inzhenernaya st., St. Petersburg

"Dedication to Cosmonautics" event at the Multimedia Center of the Russian Museum includes digital installations of the relevant artists.

On the first floor, the "Astronaut" display in the genre of "disassembled movie" will be presented that was created by Lera Nibiru (Russia) with the team of the Russian artists, directors and actors.

On the second floor of the Multimedia Center, there will be displayed a 3D-installation "Place for the Future of Mankind" made by Vitaly Vinogradov (Great Britain, Russia) with the involvement of the contemporary media artists Lee Kay-Barry (Great Britain), Dmitry Matkovsky (Canada, Russia), Cristina Leahu (Switzerland), Catherine Win (Israel, Russia) and Ilya Teplov (Russia).

The exhibition will take place for two days during the Forum: November 12–13.