Education. How to Teach Social Theater

12:00 — 15:00
New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, Media Center 49A Fontanka River emb., St. Petersburg

Social theater is a phenomenon that is re-emerging today, which, on the one hand, is rooted in early Soviet life-creative initiatives, and on the other, it develops the formats of theater work with "people" rather than with the "audience" that emerged in Europe in the 1950s. Sociality is a quality that sharpens and fosters the ability to problematize, criticize and, possibly, build a better society and the system of relations in it. The teaching of social theater in Russia starts now; there are already examples of this in European practice, and they are very successful.

Public talk gathers Russian and European social theater specialists involved in the education and training of "personnel". Let's talk about how and why to do this and what may change if for the people who came to the theater "sociality" will be a conscious need for art and life.

The Special View forum-festival is a unique platform designed to showcase the best practices of social art in Russia and contribute to the development of this field. Leading specialists in social theater and related fields, as well as theater managers, marketers and producers, participate in organizing and conducting the event. The event is organized by the Alisher Usmanov's Art, Science and Sport charitable foundation within the program to support people with visual impairment Special View and the "Inclusion" Center for the Implementation of Creative Projects together with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the New Scene of the Alexandrinsky Theater and the support fund for the deaf-blind "So-yedineniye".

The event takes place within the framework of the second forum-festival of social theater Special View.