#EfficientPhilanthropy: Endowments of Russian Museums

11:45 — 12:15
Russian Museum of Ethnography, Conference Hall 4/1 Inzhenernaya st., St. Petersburg

Blitz discussion and the certificate presentation ceremony for graduates of the continuing education program "Strategy for Creation and Development of Endowment Funds" of the Vladimir Potanin Charity Foundation.

Effective charity helps to solve not only momentary problems but also to shape a sustainable future. One of the forms of support for non-profit organizations in the field of culture and art is the creation of endowment capital, formed on the means of donations and transferred to fiduciary management for income generation. Endowment solves a number of problems, but it requires a certain level of preparation and maturity of NPOs. 

Since 2012, the Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund, is one of the largest private foundations in Russia, has been conducting educational programs for endowment management and competent fundraising for NPOs. Among the participants of the programs, there are Russian cultural organizations (museums, theaters, and foundations for the development of cultural institutions). The best graduates receive financial support for the implementation of their projects. The youngest cultural endowments will be awarded certificates during the event.

The focus of the blitz discussion is:

  • Which organizations need endowment and for what purpose?
  • What makes a successful partnership between the philanthropic sector and museums possible?
  • How to stimulate the social activity of philanthropists?