F. M. Dostoyevsky: 200th Anniversary of Birth

10:00 — 17:30

The event will last three two days during the Forum. Day 2.

In the jubilee two hundredth anniversary of the birth of the great writer, the international scientific conference will bring together leading experts on the life and work of Dostoevsky, representing universities and scientific institutions of both Russia and foreign countries. The second day of the conference will be focused on the study of the works of F. M. Dostoevsky from the cinematic interpretations point of view, problems and individual concepts of modern Dostoevsky studies, biographical and textological aspects of the writer's texts.

The conference will be closed by the presentation of the literary publication by Less Carrick: Dostoevsky and "another Europe": Aphorisms. Articles. Essays. Diaries. Travel prose. Letters and the research project Prospects of diplomatic transcription and problems of textual criticism of F. M. Dostoyevsky.