First International Colloquium of cinema schools: panel discussions and screenings of the best student works

10:00 — 23:00
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"Lenfilm" Studios 10 Kamenoostrovsky av., St. Petersburg

The first international Colloquium of cinema schools is devoted to new approaches in film education. The Colloquium is attended by representatives of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, St. Petersburg State University of film and television, the High Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors, Moscow school of cinema and the Moscow school of new cinema, cinema schools in France, Italy and Germany. The Colloquium will include three panel discussions.

Entrance is by pre-registration:

10:00—12:00 — Panel discussion “Film School and Industry: Prospects for Interaction”


1. Writers, producers, directors, cameramen as storytellers. How to tell a story together?

2. Practice on real projects. Why are interns important to the industry?

3. Creative producing. Can you teach? Can you learn?

Moderator: Vasily Stepanov, magazine “Seance” 


  • Fyodor Bondarchuk, The film and television school “Industriya”;
  • Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Tokyo University of Arts;
  • Christine Ghazarian, La Fémis;
  • Vladimir Fenchenko, Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography;
  • Nikolai Khomeriki, Moscow Film School of New Cinema;
  • Igor Tolstunov, High Courses for Scriptwriters and Film directors;
  • Svetlana Dryga, Koroche Film Festival.

12:30—14.30 — Panel discussion: “Innovative approaches to film education”


  1. Practical approach to studying “learning by doing” in film school. Pros and cons.
  2. Segmentation into groups of specializations or General training course “Filmmaking” - what is the future approach?

Moderator: Daria Koval, The film and television school “Industriya”


  • Franco Bernini, Experimental Center of Cinematography of Rome;
  • Claude Mouriéras, La CinéFabrique;
  • Isabelle Stever, German Film and Television Academy Berlin;
  • Alexander Mitta, Mitta's Film School;
  • Alexey Uchitel, Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography;
  • Alexey Popogrebsky, Moscow Film School;
  • Andrey Zolotarev, The film and television school “Industriya”.

15:30—17:10 — The first screening of students' films (100 min)

17:40—19:20 — The second screening of students' films (100 min)

19:30—20:50 — “Film education in the regions and art cinema”


  1. Film education in the regions: grants to study in the capital or to open branches/courses in local places?
  2. Learn to shoot / learn to watch: how does a new optics change the language of cinema and how to teach it?

Moderator: Konstantin Shavlovsky, “Kommersant-Weekend”


  • Isabelle Stever, German Film and Television Academy Berlin;
  • Alexey Agranovich, Sakhalin Film Festival;
  • Pavel Pechyonkin, Permkino;
  • Dmitry Mamulia, Moscow Film School of New Cinema;
  • Konstantin Lopushansky, St.Petersburg University of Film and Television.

21:00—22:00 — The third screening of the students' films