Flora. Evening Mysteries in the Hermitage

19:15 — 22:30
State Hermitage Museum (entrance from Shuvalovsky passage) 37 Millionnaya st. / 36 Palace emb., St. Petersburg

Flora is an opportunity to take a fresh look at the great works of Old Masters in the Hermitage collection through a synthesis of the arts — literature, acting, music and dance. The invited creators will push back the boundaries of the perception of the collection belonging to one of the world's greatest museums. The director Jacqueline Kornmüller and the producer and dramatist Peter Wolf have invited outstanding writers and musicians from Austria, Russia, Germany, the UK, the USA, Belarus and other countries to produce texts and compositions based on works in the Hermitage. With a team of 14 actors, dancers and performers, Kornmüller will create a series of performances that will encourage a new interpretation of famous paintings. Involving the audience in their piece, the creators will invite the spectators to acquire a new artistic experience in a classic museum.

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