Folk Art and Intangible Cultural Heritage as a Means of Modern Spiritual and Moral Upbringing of the Individual

11:00 — 16:00
St. Petersburg Palace of Studying Youth, Concert Hall 1–3B, Malaya Konushennaya st., St. Petersburg

During the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference, the work of sections on topical issues is planned: folk art in the formation of youth social culture: risks and development trends; modern mechanisms and practices of spiritual and moral upbringing of children and youth using the resources of folk art and intangible cultural heritage; youth projects in the field of preservation and popularization of folk art and intangible cultural heritage; upbringing potential of additional education in the formation of spiritual and moral values of children and youth; strategic partnership of business, education, culture: projects, prospects for cooperation in the preservation and promotion of folk art and intangible cultural heritage.