From Encyclopedias to Modern Digital Literature

13:30 — 15:00
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The National Library of the Chuvash Republic 15 Lenin av., Cheboksary

Digital technologies actively worm their way into various aspects of human life. Art is no exception. Nowadays, literature is one of the most promising fields of arts for introduction of artificial intelligence. Though most writers and readers consider creative work a human prerogative, some programs are already able to write novels and poems much faster and sometimes even better than people.

The future of literature is anyway connected with development and introduction of technologies. Fiction created with digital technologies and transferred to computer monitors or smartphone screens must be significantly different compared to printed one. That's why modern readers are getting more and more used to dividing literature works into analogue and digital ones with the latter focused on not the content only, but language as well.

What are the prospects of involving artificial intelligence into great literature? Will artificial intelligence destroy the profession of a writer? How can digital literature be perceived? What is the difference between digital and analogue literature? And what happens to literature in the age of electronic technologies?