From Reading to the Art of Life

The Conference will review the influence of books, reading and libraries on personality and social becoming and development in the modern world.

Discussion Topics:

  • reading as a creative process in the age of forming the digital world;
  • reading as an incentive for personal and social development;
  • libraries as a resource of development of a reading nation;
  • program and project activities in furtherance of reading at the present stage;
  • cross-disciplinary partnership in the system of book promotion in the society;
  • studying readers and reading: a problematic field.

Within the Conference on the 17th of November the seminar “How do Libraries Study Reading: Problematics, Programs, Methods” will be held.

Experts from federal, regional, public libraries, social scientists, cultural studies experts, library scientists, literary scholars, teachers, specialists of the publishing industry and booksellers, media representatives and other specialists that study problems of reading and readers' activities are invited to participate.