Gala concert in honor of the Opening of the Children Dance Theatre

19:00 — 22:00
Children's Dance Theatre 3A Vvedenskaya st., St. Petersburg

The spectators of the gala concert will see a single-act ballet by Boris Eifman, "Musaget," dedicated to George Balanchin, innovator and renowned choreographer of the 20th century, who continued the traditions of Marius Petipa. Set in 2004 to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Georgian folk music for the troupe of the New York City Ballet, this show was later also performed by Eifman's own theatre troupe. Clive Barns, a reputable American critic, called "Musaget" "magnificent and fascinating": "I was fully immersed in the world of Balanchin's ballets. I was mesmerized by the personality of Balanchin himself, and I could not escape this enchantment anymore," the choreographer said about his work. The stage life of the show was bright, yet short: its last performance as of today took place in the early 2008. Students of Boris Eifman's Dance Academy will present the new version of "Musaget" with a reworked choreographic score. 

The program will also include the Grand pas from the "Paquita" ballet (music by Ludwig Minkus, choreography of Petipa, restored by ballet master Yuri Burlaka, artistic director of the Children's Dance Theatre and Academy). The jewel piece of classical heritage will be shown by students of Eifman's school, who are equally able to demonstrate their skill in traditional and modern repertoire. Foreign guests will also present their performances.

Students of the Beijing Dance Academy will present "Rush" by famous British choreographer Christopher Wildon (his extensive creative biography includes cooperation with the New York City Ballet, the Royal Ballet of London, the American Ballet Theatre and other large ballet troupes). The show, set to music by the Czech composer Bohuslav Martinů for the San Francisco Ballet, the author said, has the feel of the fast-paced life of New York streets in combination with the carefree atmosphere of California. Rush premiered in 2003 at the Edinburgh Festival.

Two performances will be brought to Saint Petersburg by students of the State Ballet School of Berlin. The first one is called "All Along Dem Day." Created by Marco Goecke, it is based on "Sinnerman" by singer Nina Simone (Premiere in 2015). Goecke, who is an invited choreographer in the Netherlands Theatre of Dance and resident choreographer of Stuttgart Ballet is an experimenter and avant-gardist. With the help of modern dance routines, Goecke celebrates in his work the all-encompassing vital power of youth. The performance of our Western guests will continue with the duo set to the music of Gotan Project from the show "Tango Palace" by Gregor Seyffert, one of the most famous German dancers, and (since 2002) artistic director of the State Ballet School of Berlin. This show, created in 2007, presents an exciting journey around the endlessly diverse world of tango, and shows the evolution of the genre through the intricate network of human relationships.