Genius Loci. Libraries as Growth Points for Sustainable Development of Territories and Creative Industries

16:30 — 18:00
General Staff Building 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

Municipal libraries, modernized as part of the National Culture Project, have an up-to-date book stock and the necessary infrastructure in order to become talent concentration points. The Genius Loci project will be launched on the basis of new generation libraries. This is a space of new opportunities, where representatives of creative industries can find a source of inspiration, receive training and resources to create a new intellectual product based on the cultural identity of the territory. The main goal is the formation of a post-industrial sector in the region's economy with the aim of sustainable development of the territory.

During the podium discussion, experts from the library community, representatives of universities, and leaders of creative industries will discuss what resources and partnerships are needed to create and operate Genius Loci talent concentration points, what ways of understanding local identity and creating a new type of attraction points are there, what educational products are necessary, and what the role of representatives of the creative industries and the education sector is in rethinking and repackaging territories and increasing their attractiveness for local residents and tourists.