Round Table Discussion

Guardians of the Sea: History, Use and Preservation of Lighting Houses and Marine Cultural Heritage. Russian and International Practice

11:00 — 13:00
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Discussion Topics:

  • Defining new cultural heritage sites and filing documents for these heritage sites in due order;
  • Joint work on restoring (reconstructing and repairing) lighting houses recognized as cultural heritage sites;
  • Interaction with international organizations on this issue;
  • Popularizing lighting houses recognized as cultural heritage sites (exhibitions, informational materials on the history of lighting houses and their present-day state, holding lectures and seminars on the topic), popularizing work of lighting house service staff and their cooperation with state and public organizations;
  • Underwater archeological parks;
  • Practical aspects of research of underwater cultural heritage of Russia. 

Event organizers: include the Office of Navigation and Oceanography of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and All-Russian Public Organization “Russian Geography Society”.