Houses of Culture: Transformation Pending?

11:00 — 12:30
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The history of the Houses of Culture started more than one hundred years ago. The Soviet system of mass leisure and Houses of Culture as its part is unprecedented in the world. Today the number of Houses of Culture is declining, and pensioners and children mostly visit the remaining ones.

The emerging trend for resurrection and modernization of Houses of Culture that promotes culture plays a crucial role for local communities. The system of regional Houses of Culture and culture-promoting centers gives residents free access to cultural events, sports, arts and crafts, or just leisure. Transformed into culture and education centers, Culture Clubs are becoming more modern, relevant and financially self-supporting.

How to inhale new life into the old-style Houses of Culture? What is the modern state of Houses of Culture in Russia? How can a House of Culture engage in cooperation with creative specialists and develop new activity formats? What are the bottlenecks of the House of Culture system revival? And eventually, why does a city need a House of Culture?

The discussion will be held at 11 аm Ulyanovsk time (10 am Moscow time).