Expert Discussion

How do cultural institutions make the invisible visible?

13:00 — 14:30
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Museums, libraries, theatres — all cultural institutions are platforms for uniting different resources into one whole. These are places where the dialogue on various topics can be easily organized by means of culture. The social value of the platform is very high. Cultural institutions are venues that create or can create equal opportunities for every one — people with special needs, people with disabilities, representatives of social minorities, prisoners, homeless, teenagers, migrants.

There are many completely different people around, and you can change your attitude towards them. All people, whose physical and mental peculiarities prevent them in everyday life from becoming part of society, turn here into not only participants in performances, visitors to museums and libraries, but also the subject of artistic research, central characters.

Experts will discuss how cultural institutions become platforms for social dialogue. What problems and tasks do cultural institutions face on their way to the image of an open space of knowledge and communication which corresponds to the challenges of time? How to perform not only the outreach, but also the social function?