Public Talk

How to become a Cartoonist?

10:00 — 11:00
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The youth section of Open Lectures “Culture 2.0 Zoom” allows adolescents to orient themselves among various professions in the sphere of culture today. Guests of Open Lectures will talk about their careers, reveal their professional secrets, and share their thoughts about how technologies change their activities.

The creation of cartoons is one of the most expressive forms of art, which gives its creator unlimited opportunities for expressing their creativity. The cartoon artist must not only show movement through a series of drawings but also create whole worlds filled with living characters. Leonid Shmelkov, director and cartoonist, will become the main hero of the public talk. He will talk about the aspects of his profession and discuss the influence technological development had on cartoonists.

Does the future cartoonist need to have specialized professional education? Where can you study cartoon-making? Should a joint school, studio unite animation directors today? Can you create a successful cartoon independently? What skills and graphics programs should a present-day cartoonist have? How is cartoon-making different from animation? Leonid will answer these and many other questions during the public talk within Open Lectures “Culture 2.0 Zoom”.