How to Make a Library Appealing?

12:00 — 13:30
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Finno-Ugric Ethnocultural Park, Grant Hall Syord, 19/1, village Yb, Syktyvdinsky District, Komi Republic

An appealing image of a library requires a convenient spatial layout. It is equally important to turn young people to systematic reading through the gradual transition from "trash literature" to good reading material; this requires an environment that facilitates "immersion" in book culture and culture in general.

A library today is something beyond its holdings. It is a unique space that is an enjoyable place to stay, both physically and mentally. Physical comfort comes from the interior and layout: color, lighting, furniture, design and gardening solutions, providing a possibility for visitors to choose whatever best suits them from a number of options offered by the cultural institution. Mental comfort is related to the personal perception of the library's setting, the aesthetic aspects, and the relationship between the library employees and the user.

Regardless of the type of library (public, school, institutional), that is considering a rearrangement, the lack of funds may be a problem. Still, the library needs to be comfortable and beautiful. On the other hand, concepts of "beauty" may vary. For some, it can be velvet curtains and white sofas; for others — a vivid multicolor space. So what eventually makes a library appealing? What defines a comfortable library setting? How to arrange the library space to make visitors want to stay longer and come back more often?