How to make readers come back to libraries?

15:30 — 17:00
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The National Library of the Chuvash Republic 15 Lenin av., Cheboksary

Nowadays, libraries are not only full-fledged storages of books where readers can find literature on any topic they are interested in. They are also turning into cultural and leisure centers people come to meet people with the same interests. Therefore, activities of today's libraries are primarily aimed at attracting the audience's attention.

Meanwhile, one should not forget that it's a book that has always been a core of any library. Hence, the popularization of reading must remain a priority area of work for libraries. Rapid development of technologies often brings positive changes into libraries. For example, in the West, libraries work with writers and programmers to create new interactive stories that engage readers into dynamic actions.

What are other methods and ways of attracting readers to libraries? How can a library become a center of attraction for the local community? What modern practices of interaction with the audience are most successful? Won't a quest for trendy events result in losing key objectives of libraries?