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How to Turn a Garage Into a Museum. Moscow Transport Museum Restoration Experience

13:00 — 13:20
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Did the famous Soviet architect Konstantin Melnikov know that he was creating buildings for future museums? It is already a second garage designed by him in a specific avant-garde style that has become a museum building.

Earlier, an unusual brick building on Novoryazanskaya street served the function of a bus depot. For more than 90 years, the building has gained special cultural and historical significance. Today, the experts are working at preparing the new garage history to start. The Moscow Transport Museum is planned to be opened here. What were the challenges that the museum faced during preparation of the garage to restoration? How will the exhibition be arranged, when will the museum be open? How should we preserve authenticity of the cultural monument and to make it extremely interesting for a visitor? This will be revealed by Oksana Bondarenko, the Director of Moscow Transport Museum.