Inclusive Projects in Cultural Organizations

10:00 — 11:30
Additional Registration
Toratau Congress Hall Zaki Validi st., 2, Ufa

Nowadays, more and more importance in the world is assigned to social and inclusive relationships. Establishing an inclusive society is impossible without creating equal opportunities for people who take part in the cultural process. Full-fledged participation of various population groups in creating and consuming cultural values can't happen without the support of cultural organizations.

Modern institutions strive to make the cultural environment as accessible for visitors with special needs as possible. How do cultural organizations implement inclusive projects that enable eliminating social and physical barriers for special people? Should people with special needs be involved in the development of such projects? What mechanisms are used for a successful implementation of an inclusive program? How can museums, libraries and theaters make the cultural environment more accessible? And what is more important – the unique nature of the project or the significance of the mentioned tasks?