International Research Conference “Communication Design and Advertising in Education and Culture: International Experience of Italy and Russia”

11:00 — 17:00
St. Petersburg State University: Bobrinsky Palace 58-60 Galernaya st., St. Petersburg

The topic of the conference reflects important directions in modern culture and education related to visual communication in art, design, and advertising. The event will be co-organized by Cumulus International Association of Universities in the Field of Arts, Design and Media, and DESIS Network (World Association of Labs in Design of Social Innovations and Sustainability).

The conference program will focus on two panel discussions: “Social innovations and sustainable development in practice of education in design,” and “Visual ecology and culture in the urban environment: experience and ways of development.”

The conference will be attended by guests from Italy, leading practitioners, teachers, interested representatives of state, creative and commercial organizations. The work of the conference will be accompanied by an exhibition of design projects of SPSU students and alumni, dedicated to the problem of urban human habitat.

Terms of visit: pass to the event on the badge of the participant of the professional flow.