Is It Possible to Instill the Love of Books?

10:00 — 11:30
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Finno-Ugric Ethnocultural Park, Grant Hall Syord, 19/1, village Yb, Syktyvdinsky District, Komi Republic

Literature is a huge part of culture, history and science; it drives self-discovery and exploration of the surrounding world, raises vital issues and offers answers. Reading has long been known to be beneficial in many ways: it develops imagination and improves memory, expands vocabulary and enhances literacy. It is quite explicable that parents and teachers want to introduce children to reading books. On the other hand, if asked why they don't read, the most common answer among children today will be "It's boring".

Reading is not an easy process; it requires concentration and perseverance — a challenging task for a child accustomed to ready-to-consume images from the television and smartphone. How to instill the love of reading in the younger generation? First of all, it is important to encourage children to read books in the area of their interests beyond the school curriculum, as well as young adult literature that addresses the problems of teenagers. It is also good practice to discuss a book, listen to a podcast, and watch a film version or a video on YouTube.

What are other ways to introduce children to literature? Is the lack of interest in books a parents' problem or the school? Are audiobooks an equivalent replacement for reading? Can a library help in paving the reading journey for children, and how?