Joint Publishing Program of the Manege Central Exhibition Hall and the Free Artists of St. Petersburg Project

10:30 — 12:00
Manege Central Exhibition Hall 1 St. Isaac's sq., St. Petersburg

The joint publishing program of the Manege Central Exhibition Hall and the Free Artists of St. Petersburg project is a special area of activity for preserving the history of Manege exhibition projects in the book (catalog) format. Large-scale exhibitions of the Manege take years to develop, form and prepare for implementation. This painstaking process often involves huge creative teams including curators, designers, science and art consultants, architects, artists, developers, and many others. A prepared exhibition usually lasts no more than 2 months. And after its end, there would not be a trace of it left if not for the possibility of publishing a catalog. 

This opportunity is provided to Manege Central Exhibition Hall by Admiral Logistic Group LLC and the Free Artists of St. Petersburg project represented by the managing partners — brothers Yury Ivanovich Saulidi and Dmitry Ivanovich Saulidi. 

Yury and Dmitry Saulidi are famous and significant people for the development of cultural life not only in St. Petersburg but also in other cities of Russia and abroad. 

A close-knit team represented by the sponsoring Saulidi brothers, a compiler, a designer, a photographer, an editor and employees of the Manege publishes high-quality catalogs that leave the memory of unique exhibitions for centuries to come. 

The aim of the program is to create an art catalog as a unique and valuable work of art. The catalogs of the Manege not only contain exhibition materials, not only include scientific texts from leading art expert of the city and the country, not only convey the semantic content of the exhibition concept through the presented images of the exposition space but also have their own visual and conceptual design solutions. 

During the discussion, it is expected to discuss the importance of implementing exhibition projects into a book publication. We would like to talk about the high-quality criteria that are pursued by the Manege publishing program, and by whom and how these goals are achieved. 

The conversation will touch upon a relevant topic — a book as a work of art — the value of a print publication in modern society.

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