Talk Show

Journalists vs. bloggers: who will win?

12:30 — 14:00
Journalist House, Assembly Hall 70 Nevsky av., St. Petersburg

Two teams will discuss popular media formats, trend content, and effective channels of its promotion in the show-game form. The first team is formed by popular bloggers; the second team is formed by professional journalists. Who better understands today's audience's requests?

In the competition for the title of leader in understanding for information and media, teams must answer non-trivial questions, propose solutions to unusual cases and make it faster than rivals. Talk show guests offer their answer options on social networks. Each question collects a pool of diverse answers and opinions.

First round. “Fact issue: media consumption”

8 questions about the features of media consumption based on facts and existing cases.

The topic for discussion following the results of the round:

  • What kind of content do viewers/users need?

Second round. “Question in an envelope: content creation and distribution”

Foreign journalists, bloggers and artists recorded questions for participants on a video. What question will your team get?

The topic for discussion following the results of the round:

  • How one can run their own media?
  • How one can manage readers’/users’ confidence?
  • Does a blogger need to get a journalist education? Does a journalist need a blog?

Third round. “Blitz without the right to make mistakes”

16 questions about working with information that need to be correctly answered.

The show-game will be held in the House of Journalists, in the Sukhozanet mansion on Nevsky Prospekt, which today is the central platform uniting journalists from the North-West. The 19th-century mansion is one of the architectural masterpieces of St. Petersburg and the architectural heritage of the city. In 2012–2016, the mansion was restored and provided w ith modern audio and video equipment by the Union of Journalists of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. In 2016, House of Journalists opened its doors to the holding of socially significant events in St. Petersburg: press conferences, conferences, talk shows, concerts and other meetings of cultural, state, business and media figures.