King vs King (16+)

19:00 — 22:00

Opening night!

An adventurous comedy based on a play by Alexandre Dumas.

Is the friendship between a king and a comedian possible, and can they have a shared passion? Of course! But only if they are the Prince of Wales, future King George IV, and Edmund Kean, a genius of the English stage, and their fierce passion is theatre!

The stage version of Mikhail Smirnov's "King vs King", based on a play by Alexandre Dumas, based on actual facts and idle speculations about Edmund Kean, his creative work, wild life and amazing and controversial friendship with the Prince of Wales. Liberal adaptations of this story were created by Théaulon and Courcy, Alexandre Dumas, Jean-Paul Sartre and many others. It is not certain what made all those respected gentlemen write and rewrite the tale of Kean and the King in their own ways. There might be some hidden magic in this plot or even a mystery we'll de-veil with a point of a theatrical sword...

A new production of the Buff Theatre was born by a creative tandem of Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation Mikhail Smirnov (The Dinner Game, Drama Queens) and Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation Nika Kozorovitskaya (Savage, The Unattainable), which means the audience will be offered both male and female views, which is undoubtedly extremely intriguing and even insightful.

Edmund Kean whose fame and influence on human minds were envied by the King himself is played by Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation Evgeny Alexandrov. The opening night is timed to the jubilee of the Buff stage luminary.