Round Table Discussion

Laboratory of knowledge: popular science literature for children and youth

12:00 — 13:30
General Staff Building, Lecture room 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

Non-fiction literature is an ever-growing segment of the book market. It is especially important as it helps children getting to know the world around them. Therefore, the segment of children’s and young adults’ popular science literature has been developing quite actively, from the toddlers books to more “grown-up” formats. 

The participants of the conference entitled “Non-fiction Literature for Children and Young Adults from Toddlers Books to Prosvetitel Non-fiction Award” will discuss the main trends on the Russian and international markets. Specialists from across the world (Russia, UK, US, Malaysia) have been invited to attend so as to facilitate a comprehensive discussion of the book publishing industry and reader preferences on different Eastern and Western book markets.