19:00 — 22:30
Theatre "Na Liteynom" 51 Liteyni av., St. Petersburg

Lavr is the story of the medieval doctor Arseny, who travels the world looking for answers to questions about humanity's history and search for an individual path. About the end of the world - personal and universal. About whether it is possible to give your life for another person.

The play at Na Liteynom Theatre tries to preserve Evgeniy Vodolazkin's novel's shimmering nature, where through one time another shines through, where the urodievie and posadniki walkthrough plastic bottles that appeared from under the melted snow to the future Komsomolskaya Square.

Key persons:

• Sergey Morozov, Artistic Director of the Na Liteynom Theatre (Russia);
• Boris Pavlovich, director of the play (Russia);
• Elena Lozhkina, Honored Artist of Russia (Russia);
• Roman Ageev, artist (Russia);
• Alexander Bezrukov, artist (Russia);
• Darina Odintsova, artist (Russia);
• Tatiana Tuzova, artist (Russia);
• Asya Shirshina, artist (Russia);
• Maxim Zautorov, artist (Russia);
• Evgeny Telezhkin, artist (Russia);
• Alexander Koshkidko, artist (Russia);
• Alexander Mayorov, artist (Russia);
• Akim Norlander, artist (Russia);
• Pavel Solomonik, artist (Russia).