Methodical Service of the Modern Public Library

10:00 — 18:00

In 2018, the III All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Methodical Service of the Modern Public Library" will be held. Theme 2018: “Transformation of the methodical service of the public library in the age of electronic communications”.

The activity of public libraries is undergoing major changes. One of the leading factors is the introduction of new technologies into library practice. The electronic environment and the digital format allow unhindered access to the most valuable and relevant information of domestic and foreign experience and bring the scientific and methodological activities of modern libraries to a new level.

We invite heads of libraries and methodological services, library staff performing methodological functions, students and teachers of educational institutions preparing library specialists to participate.

Topics for discussion:

Methodical work as a public service;
Effective system of interaction in the electronic environment: founder, methodologist, librarian;
Methodical activity in the electronic environment;
Information resources of methodical activity;
Electronic accounting, reporting and new competencies methodical services.