Modern Art of China. From Generation to Generation

12:00 — 18:00
St. Petersburg State University 7-9 Universitetskaya emb., St. Petersburg

The event takes up two days (November 15–16). Day 1. Partners of the event are Shanghai MoCa (Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai) — a private museum of modern art in China.

The exhibition will present the following works:  

  • Winnie Mak, artist, head of the Hong Kong Community of Women Artists (PRC, Hong Kong); 
  • Eddie Lui Fung Ngar, artist, has held numerous important posts in art education and management, including the post of the President of the Hong Kong Society of Fine Arts (1978–1982), Honorary Advisor to the Hong Kong Government’s Art Promotion Group (1996–1999), and Chairman of the Hong Kong Committee of the Federation of Asian Artists (1997– present) (PRC)

An exhibition of modern Chinese art in the gallery of the Twelve Colleges Building, organized by the Diaghilev Museum of Modern Art at SPbSU, will present paintings, sculptures and video art of students of various generations. The exhibition will be accompanied by a culture and education program, which includes: 

  • 14:00–16:00 — meeting with Chinese artists;
  • 16:30 — presentation on contemporary young art in China.