Modern Technologies That Are Changing the Fashion Industry

19:30 — 21:00

The constant development of the Internet and the popularity of the different social networks have led to the increased attention of the fashion industry to the digital sphere. Modern fashion faces such difficulties as the less attention of a young audience, the outflow of the offline store visitors, as well as the problems of clothing overproduction and environmental pollution. Therefore, the active interaction of the fashion industry and the digital technologies looks to be so natural.

The digital technologies are variously used in the fashion sphere. An augmented reality in the virtual fitting rooms, the initial online testing of the future collections, the digital or virtual clothing (which exists only on the websites) — all of that is a brand new stage in the whole development of the fashion industry.

The spread of the reasonable consumption concept is also reflected in the work of the fashion world representatives. The implementation of the technologies to create clothing from the recycled waste is becoming more and more popular and highly demanded by the consumers. Moreover, 3D printers are now used not only for the development of clothing models, but also for creating real wardrobe items. It can greatly reduce the cost of the mass production, while providing the great opportunities to use the new materials and design solutions.

Our new reality is the creation of a bio-responsive clothing by an artificial intelligence that can monitor the state of our health, maintain a comfortable body temperature, and respond to changes in weather conditions. The "Smart" clothing that uses a neural network is designed to make our life easier: it allows you to charge the gadgets, to talk on the phone, to listen to music. Moreover, it independently selects your clothing style and even changes its color depending on your mood.

Why is the virtual fashion considered to be the future of the whole fashion industry? Will this digital fashion trend exist for a long time? And how will the future fashion industry look like?