Museum in the Framework of Art Education

10:00 — 17:00
State Russian Museum: St. Michael's (Engineers') Castle 2 Sadovaya st., St. Petersburg

This international seminar is dedicated to the issues of defining the place of museums in the process of contemporary art education. The seminar’s topic fits the goals and objectives of state documents of recent years in the sphere of culture and development of education.

The seminar will address both theoretical issues of art education, and prospects for the development of this direction. Issues of expanding the museum space in this area will be proposed for discussion. The seminar is focused on the participation of specialists considering art education by means of graphic and other types of art, as well as the museum environment as a factor in the formation and development of the child’s creative personality. Event organizers: State Russian Museum.

  • José Maria Luna Aguilar: “Educational programs of art museums in the city of Malaga”
  • Dmitry Mikhalevsky, Olga Mikhailova: “The Museum is a database and tool for human development. Theory and Practice”
  • Elena Korobkova: “Museum and School: Communication Crisis”
  • Elena Aristova: "Mathematics in the Russian Museum"
  • Maria Litvinova, Presentation of the exhibition “On the icy continent”
  • Pavel Vinogradov: “Trust as the basis for familiarizing a child with artistic values”
  • Alexandra Lagun: "Study of the visual thinking of high school students involved in the museum-educational process"
  • Anna Dybina: “Gestalt approach to the development of child’s trust in the museum environment”
  • Anna Veksler: “Copying, isoparaphrases, or art memes”
  • Daria Milovanova, Lyubov  Maslova: “Children's Center for Creative Development of the Museum and Exhibition Complex“ New Jerusalem”
  • Olga Luze: "The Art Museum in the Context of the Development of Modern Education"
  • Yulia Maniskalko: “The artistic and creative component of the World Artistic Culture program
  • Anna Peycheva: “Russian Center for Museum Pedagogics and Children's Creativity”
  • Irina Kazantseva: “Museum and Education: Social Partnership”
  • Denis Rochev: " Leningrad Regional Center for the Development of Creativity of Gifted Children and Youth "Intellect"
  • Olga Modulina: “Yesterday, today, tomorrow, art education in Krasnoselsky District”
  • Tatiana Khorunzhaya: “The Role of Art Education in the Formation of a Personality”
  • Nadezhda Oleinik: “Children's creativity with various materials in the supplementary education system for children in St. Petersburg”