Museum Marketing: New Effective Solutions

15:30 — 17:00

One of the biggest challenges any museum faces is how to evade a stereotype that museums are "boring". A long-established trend to turn conservative museum spaces into modern cultural and leisure centers still doesn't prevent many people from stereotypically seeing museums.

To overcome a cliché of museum perception and attract a new audience, it's critical for cultural establishments to build a dialog with visitors and organize their time spent in the museum differently. However, a withdrawal from a conventional approach to the museum activity also includes thorough premeditation and development of marketing ideas.

The art is well known to expand horizons. What happens though, when museums transfer such a way of thinking into their marketing campaigns? Dinosaurs doing yoga, an airplane with Dali's moustache, and paintings by great artists in airports — these bold and efficient marketing campaigns, as well as creative advertising, have helped many museums draw attention and attract visitors.

How can museums increase attendance? What new forms of visitor attraction do museums use? How can a museum stay up-to-date speaking with the audience in the same language while preserving the touch of an academic museum?