Museum Storytelling

14:30 — 16:00
Additional Registration
Ugor Cultural Initiatives Centre Gorkogo st., 2, Syktyvkar

Nowadays, museums become not only a platform to gain knowledge but also a public space for dialogue with the media audience. Museum's visitors are not enough to be spectators exclusively, and they want direct engagement, participation and emotional reaction. Therefore, storytelling becomes a non-trivial and efficient form of communication with works of art that forms reality not only through visual perception but also through story interpretation and emphasis.

How does the museum use new approaches to the items presentation? What stories can the museum tell in the conditions of social networks and Internet services domination? How, through the lenses of prominent people's personal stories that museum staff can tell, will discover the private sphere of the city's life for its modern inhabitants? How to use digital storytelling to make communication with a new audience effective?