Panel Discussion

Museums in Megalopolises: Mission and Challenges

12:00 — 14:00
State Museum of the History of Religion 14 Pochtamtskaya st., St. Petersburg

The event will discuss the following topics:

  • Museum in conditions of multinational and polyreligious megalopolis: Russian and German experience;
  • Traditions and innovations in museum practice;
  • Role of museums in protecting written and artistic cultural heritage of China.

The central event of the panel discussion will be the procedure of returning an artifact to the Museum of History of Religion by German citizen Wolfgang Krugel. The artifact is a memorial plaque that says "To His Imperial Majesty Emperor Nikolay Alexandrovich, presented by his loyal subjects, the Vladimir Merchant Society on May 16, 1913". The plaque was attached to the icon of Our Lady of Vladimir, currently in the collection of the State Museum of History of Religion. The plaque was removed from the Alexandrovsky Palace Museum after the Nazi occupation. The return of the artifact was made possible by participation of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum and Reserve.