Museums of the Future

18:00 — 19:30

As high technologies become a permanent fixture in our lives, the needs of our society change accordingly. Innovations dictate new conditions for the existence of the cultural sphere, which cannot but reflect on the work of museums. If previously museums had been concerned mostly with accumulating and storing cultural heritage artifacts, now the focus has shifted to presenting exhibits and attracting visitors.

Museums today also continue providing educational services: they introduce the public to new concepts, help study cutting-edge technologies, and work to improve the level of social responsibility. Through hearing, vision and touch, inclusive programs facilitate broader perceptions of traditional arts. Thus, interactive formats of content presentation will not only entertain the audiences but add a new dimension to museum expositions, making them considerably more diverse.

However, should classical museums pursue innovations and use multimedia equipment in conditions of swift development of new technologies? Can interactive elements take center stage in a presentation of museum content and fully replace works of art? Does the use of VR, AR, and AI technologies guarantee success? What are the trends and prospects of applying interactive formats in museum work? What future lies ahead for museums and the museum community?